Overview of Cementless Stems in Total Hip Arthroplasty – Review Paper on the Corial Style Stem


  • Christian Wright, BS
  • Declan Brazil, PhD
  • Timothy McTighe, Dr. HS (hc)




The review summarizes published literature from a range of reputable sources regarding hip prosthesis (stems) of a specific design style (Corail) used currently in cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty. 

The short-term results of the best cementless femoral components recorded in the Norwegian Arthroplasty Register as described by Havelin et al, include the Corail, IMT, Profile and Zweyuller stems with revision for loosening <1% at 4.5 years, compared to cemented counterparts.

The critical review of published studies shows equivalence of the predicate Corail stem to the Signature CL2 femoral stem in all critical characteristics is demonstrated to represent the likely clinical performance of the CL2 stem implanted. This is using modern surgical techniques without cement.


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