Modular Necks and Corrosion - Review of Five Cases


  • Timothy McTighe Joint Implant Surgery & Research Foundation, Chagrin Falls, OH
  • Declan Brazil Signature Orthopaedics, 7 Sirius Rd Lane Cove West NSW 2066 AU



modularity, tapers, corrosion, modular necks


This report updates previous articles and commentary presented on Modular Necks from our Tissue Sparing Implant Study Group. In July 2012 we reported that at two years post-op we had encountered no modular neck taper failures or any signs of fretting corrosion, or pseudo tumors associated with the ARC™ Stem.

Today we describe five patients out of five hundred and forty-two who had total hip arthroplasty revision [titanium alloy stem, cobalt-chromium modular neck (c.c.) and c.c. modular head (32 mm or 36 mm), highly-cross-linked polyethylene liner, metal titanium plasma sprayed cementless metal cup]. All patients’ were female and all demonstrated progressive hip pain or late instability. All  had debridement of the periarticular soft tissue, stem extraction with new primary length cementless stem replacement. At revision and early follow up all patients are doing well, however, we recommend heighten awareness in all active female patients with modular neck stem junctions.

Author Biography

Timothy McTighe, Joint Implant Surgery & Research Foundation, Chagrin Falls, OH

Dr. H.S. (hc)


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