Search Engine Optimization for Medical Publishing


  • David Faroo Joint Implant Surgery & Research Foundation, Chagrin Falls, OH, United States.



Search engine optimization is becoming increasingly important for medical publishing professionals. They know the value of writing papers and articles that help expand the knowledge of their specific area of expertise. They also know that in today’s online environment their publications need to be found in relevant web searches to be cited by fellow researchers. But if authors ignore the basics of keyword research and search engine optimization they run the risk of their research being lost in a vast sea of search results. What good is all that work if it never reaches the intended audience? The purpose of this commentary is to provide submitting authors basic yet important suggestions to help optimize their articles for online publishing with Reconstructive Review.


Author Biography

David Faroo, Joint Implant Surgery & Research Foundation, Chagrin Falls, OH, United States.

Responsibilities: conduct initial review of any new submission to confirm it was completely and properly submitted; communicate to the submitting author the need to address any omissions, corrections, and clarifications; coordinate with the Editor-in-Chief concerning and issues of relevance or quality; coordinate with the Editor-in-Chief to select reviewers based on their areas of expertise and interest; help assess the clarity of completed reviews and communicate with reviewers about any questions or clarifications; send Editor-in-Chief copies of submission and reviews to finalize decision of Accept Submission, Revisions Required, Resubmit for Review, or Declined Submission; communicate the decision of to the corresponding author and provide reviewer comments, corrections, revisions, and improvements - or reasons for rejection.


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Faroo, D. (2018). Search Engine Optimization for Medical Publishing. Reconstructive Review, 7(4).