Memorandum - Modular Necks


  • Timothy McTighe, Dr. H.S. (hc)
  • Declan Brazil, PhD



To: TSIâ„¢ Study Group Members

Coming off the recent problems with MoM bearings we are now seeing some concerns with modular necks. This should not be a surprise for some of us have been concerned with certain designs and materials used in modular junctions for some time now. However, with that said we have not faced the same level of media coverage in the past that we have seen with the MoM issue. This in our opinion will have an impact on all modular style implants. We intend to keep all our members informed to the best of our ability as to the modular neck junction used in the TSIâ„¢ modular neck technology as commercialized by Omnilife Science (The ARCâ„¢ Stem) in the US and Global Orthopaedics (The MSAâ„¢ Stem) in Australia.


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