A New Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty. A Multicentre Prospective Minimum 2 Year Follow-up Clinical Outcomes Study.


  • Rohit Pandey Nepean Hospital
  • Simon Coffey Nepean and Macquarie hospital
  • Rami Sorial Nepean and Macquarie hospital




Total hip replacement, Oxford hip score, Cementless hip , Paragon, Early outcomes


Background: Cementless implants were introduced approximately three decades ago in order to address aseptic loosening of cemented hip prostheses with the aim of early mobilisation, better functional result and bone stock preservation. The primary objective of this study is to introduce a new cementless HA coated implant and report its minimum 2 year follow up results.

Material & method: This is a prospective, multi-centre, consecutive series, clinical outcomes study with 75 patients. Inclusion criteria for the study were age 21- 85 years, BMI <40, osteoarthritis of the hip.

Patients were operated using a standard posterolateral approach. The Paragon stem and the Global cup were implanted in a cementless method. Patients were reviewed at 6 weeks, 6 months and two years postoperative. At each visit AQoL 6D, VAS Pain, Oxford Hip Score were recorded. Post-operative X-Rays were reviewed at immediate post-operative, 6 months and two years.

Results: Mean duration of surgery was 63.1 min with range of 40-120 min. AQoL over time changed from pre-op mean 50.51, at 6 weeks and at 2 years mean 35.06. Oxford hip score had upward trend from pre-op to post-op 6wks assessments and a plateau in following assessments. VAS pain trajectories, showing a clear downward trend from pre-op to post-op 6wks and a plateau in the following postoperative assessments.

Discussion & conclusion: The combination of Paragon stem and Global cup incorporates proven features of successful implants. The unique feature of lateral tension grooves and progressive neck dimension with dual offset options. This combination has shown promising early results with early follow up of a minimum of 2 years, with a 100% survivorship of the stem and 98.7% survivorship overall for any reason and is a good cementless option in THA.

Author Biographies

Rohit Pandey, Nepean Hospital

Fellow Arthroplasty

Simon Coffey, Nepean and Macquarie hospital

Dr Simon P Coffey, MBBS (Hons) FRACS (Orth) FAOA

Rami Sorial, Nepean and Macquarie hospital

A/P Rami Sorial


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