A Literature-Based Resource for the Development of Outpatient Arthroplasty Patient Selection Criteria


  • Joseph Gondusky Jordan-Young Institute
  • Richard Pahapill Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • Christian Coulson Eastern Virginia Medical School




Total joint arthroplasty, outpatient arthroplasty, same day discharge, selection criteria, patient optimization


Total joint arthroplasty (TJA) is moving towards the outpatient setting. Teams must develop patient selection criteria to ensure appropriate candidates are treated at the optimal site of care.  Protocols and recommendations have been developed to aid care teams in developing patient selection criteria, but these come from multiple disparate sources.  We review the available literature on patient selection criteria and optimization in the outpatient TJA population, and synthesize this information into a workable format for care design.  We hope to provide a resource to stakeholders that can be tailored to their unique outpatient facility. 


Keywords: Total joint arthroplasty, outpatient, same day discharge, selection criteria, patient optimization.

Author Biographies

Joseph Gondusky, Jordan-Young Institute

Orthopedic Surgeon



Richard Pahapill, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Medical Student

Christian Coulson, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Medical Student


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