Revision of Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty with a Bone-conserving Short-stem Implant


  • Florian Schmidutz
  • Lorenz Wanke-Jellinek
  • Volkmar Jansson
  • Andreas Fottner
  • Farhad Mazoochian



The good clinical results in hip arthroplasty have led to an increasing number of joint replacements in younger patients. Regardless, it is well known that this patient group faces an increased risk of early implant failure, [1] which is probably related to their higher activity level. Revision surgeries often go along with loss of bone substance, [2] resulting in more difficult procedures and an impaired functional outcome. [3] To facilitate potential revision surgeries, bone-preserving implants, such as hip resurfacing arthroplasty (HRA) and short-stem arthroplasty (SHA) implants, have been developed and recently have gained increasing popularity.

However, data are lacking on how much bone stock is conserved – and whether revision procedures are actually facilitated by the use of bone-preserving implants. So far, only a few studies have
reported on the revision of failed HRA implants, and all revisions have exclusively been performed by the use of a conventional stem. [4,5]

In this report, we describe a woman with early failure of HRA. Revision was performed with a bone-conserving short-stem hip implant, which minimizes the bone loss on the femoral side in order to facilitate potential revision surgery.


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