Total Hip Stem Classification System


  • Timothy McTighe, Dr. HS (hc)
  • John Keggi, MD
  • David Stulberg, MD
  • Louis Keppler, MD
  • Declan Brazil, PhD
  • Edward McPherson, MD



The aim of this paper is to review the influx of short stems for total hip arthroplasty. Not all short stems are created equal concerning fixation points for implant stability and length of engagement of the device in the proximal femur. Some devices are stabilized in the head, neck, metaphysis and metaphysis/diaphysis. Depending on stabilization and engagement area different short stems can have different indications, contraindications and clinical outcomes. As a result of our findings JISRF developed a classification system based on implant stabilization point and overall stem length.

Keywords: short stems, head stabilized, neck stabilized, metaphyseal stabilized, metaphyseal diaphyseal stabilized


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McTighe, Dr. HS (hc), T., Keggi, MD, J., Stulberg, MD, D., Keppler, MD, L., Brazil, PhD, D., & McPherson, MD, E. (2014). Total Hip Stem Classification System. Reconstructive Review, 4(2).



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