Surgical Stabilization of the Medial Capsulo-Ligamentous Envelope in Total Knee Arthroplasty


  • Brandon Green, DO
  • Jon Minter, DO
  • Paul Ghattas, DO
  • Jennifer Waterman, DO



This study will evaluate an alternative method in which a four prong bone staple was used to repair the medial collateral ligament following over-release or avulsion injuries in (#6) cases during a total knee arthroplasty. The use of a four prong bone staple to repair medial collateral ligament injuries status post total knee replacement will provide satisfactory results with respect to post-operative knee stability and range of motion. Our retrospective review revealed that all six patients improved with regards to range of motion following the total knee arthroplasty. We feel that repair of the medial collateral ligament with a four-prong bone staple is a viable option after an over-release or avulsion injury sustained during a total knee arthroplasty. 


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